Coaches are not just for sports teams any more! 
There are coaches that get you through childbirth,
coaches that help you get physically fit,
coaches that work on your finances,
and coaches that help you do life.

A Life Coach is not a counselor or a busom buddy, but is a certified professional who specializes in helping clients discover and live out their life purpose.

Shelley Leith, Certified Life Coach, provides coaching in two formats:

  1. One-time life planning
  2. Ongoing life coaching.

 Life Planning

  • One-time process
  • One-on-one, in a private retreat setting
  • You come away with a personalized life plan for eight key areas in your life over the next 2-3 years

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Learn more about Life Plans for young adult women (aged 18 to 26)

Life Coaching

  • Ongoing process of one-hour weekly meetings
  • Meet in person or by telephone
  • You receive encouragement to take the next step in deepening your character, discovering your life purpose, or improving your relationships

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